Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurant food menu includes a number of specialty items. Examples include the Veggie Works pizza, barbecue chicken pizzas, and the Crunch Time salad.

Their artisan pizzas are usually spicier than most other chains including Papa Murphy’s or Pizza Hut. Mountain Mike provides individual-sized pizzas that range from about 9 to 11 inches.

Customers are able to place orders online. This allows the pizza restaurant to deliver meals faster, thus catering to busy families. The Italian pizzas are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

The Veggie Works is a mountain of fresh veggies that include spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, fire-roasted red sauce, and garlic. This specialty pizza is only offered as a medium size. It measures 12 inches long by 8 inches wide.

The barbecue chicken pizzas are made with crispy chicken that has been marinated in a blend of spices and then generously poured on top of the Mountain Mike’s crust. These specialty pizzas are only offered as a medium size. They measure 12 inches long by 8 inches wide.

The Crunch Time salad is made of mixed greens and then topped with black olives, bacon bits, red onions, feta cheese crumbles, grape tomatoes, cucumber rounds, balsamic dressing drizzle, cucumber rounds, and grilled chicken.

A small bowl has 520 calories, while a medium is 910 with the dressing being 200 calories. Their classic pizzas are either single-topping or double-topping with Mountain Mike’s original crust.

The 3 meat lovers are an example of a double topping pizza that includes beef, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. A small one-topping pizza is the BBQ chicken with 180 calories per slice, while a large has 550 calories.

The BBQ Chicken Pizza has pepperoni, grilled chicken breast, red onions, green peppers, and barbecue sauce. So let us dive into more detailed Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices 2023 below.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Menu Prices In 2023


Foods Prices
Jalapeno Poppers-8 Pieces $8.99
Mozzarella Sticks-8 Pieces $8.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Large $11.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Medium $8.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese-Small $5.99
Garlic Sticks with Cheese $4.99


Foods Prices
Desserts Pizza-Large $12.99
Desserts Pizza-Medium $8.99
Desserts Pizza-Small $7.99
Mini Churrs-16 Pieces $4.99
Cookie Pizza $6.99


Foods Prices
Pepsi-2 Liter $3.49
Pepsi- 20 ounce $2.49
Diet Pepsi- 2 Liter $3.49
Diet Pepsi- 20 ounces $2.49
Water- 20 ounces $3.49
Mountain Dew- 2 Liter $2.49
Mountain Dew- 20 ounces $2.00
Apple Juice $3.49
Rootbeer- 2 Liter $2.49
Rootbeer- 20 ounces $3.49
Dr Pepper- 2 Liter $2.49
Dr Pepper- 20 ounces $3.49
Gatorade Fruit Punch $2.49
Gatorade Lemon Juice $2.49
Sierra Mist- 2 Liter $3.49
Sierra Mist- 20 ounces $2.49
Bubly-Lime-16 ounce $2.49
Bubly-Strawberry-16 ounce $2.49
Mix & Match 4-Pack $6.00
Bubly-Cherry-16 ounce $2.49
Dole Lemonade-20 ounce $2.49


Foods Prices
Side Ranch $0.75
Blue Cheese $0.75
Italian $0.75
Side BBQ Sauce- 2 ounce $1.00
Side Jalapeno $1.00
Side Blue Cheese- 2 ounce $0.75
Side Anchovies $2.00
Side Buffalo Sauce $1.00
Side Marinara- 2 ounce $0.75
Side Pepperonicini $1.00
Side Pineapple $1.00


Foods Prices
Individual $7.99
Side Salad-Small $2.99
Party Salad $29.99


Foods Prices
Half Dome $7.99
Cliff Hanger $7.99


Foods Prices
Boneless Wings-16 ounces $16.99
Boneless Wings-8 ounces $8.99
Classic Wings-12 Pieces $12.99
Classic Wings-24 Pieces $23.99
Classic Wings-6 Pieces $7.99


Foods Prices Prices Prices Prices Prices
Mini Small Medium Large Mountain
Create Your Own $6.99 $12.99 $16.99 $21.99 $36.99
The Everest $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
The McKinley $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Chicken Club $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Pineapple Chicken Luau $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Snowy Alps $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Robbers Roost With White Sauce $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Robbers Roost With Classic Red Sauce $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Mt. Veggiemore $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Pikes Peak $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Diamond Head $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Garlic Tuscan $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Sizzlin’ Bacon $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Margherita $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Veggie Alps $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Hilo $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Veggie Curry $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Chicken Curry $15.99 $21.99 $27.99 $44.99
Pepperoni $6.99 $12.99 $16.99 $21.99 $36.99
Cheese $6.99 $12.99 $16.99 $21.99 $36.99

Mountain Mike’s History

Mountain Mike's Pizza Menu Prices History

It was founded in 1978 by Thomas Van Buskirk. Mountain Mike’s headquarter is in Newport Beach, California, United States. In the first twenty years of its establishment, it has developed four brands with over 200 locations.

The company’s business model is mainly operated by franchises and corporate stores. It operates in a total of seven states across the United States namely California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

Each state contributes a number of stores within the organization’s structure. In California, there are about 60 company-owned and franchised restaurants. In Oregon, the number of Mountain Mikes Pizza is 20 while Washington has 40-50.

There are also 10 restaurants in Nevada, 20 in Arizona, and four in New Mexico. Utah has a total of ten locations as well as three in Oregon and one store as of 2012. The company is currently managed by Thomas’ daughter, Jamie Van Buskirk.

She joined the business in 2009. As of September 2012, Mountain Mike’s Pizza has an estimated 175 outlets throughout the United States. It also operates four brands namely Mountain Mike’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Monical’s, and Traxx.

In terms of revenue, Mountain Mike’s Pizza is the largest in the California-based company’s portfolio with a total of $25 million. Monical’s follows at a close second, bringing in about $24 million followed by Traxx and California Pizza Kitchen with around $20 million each.

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