Bill Miller’s Menu prices (Updated: July 2023)

Bill Miller’s Restaurant is a popular restaurant in the small town of Milton, Kansas. The restaurant’s focus is on Kansas cuisine, and the menu includes items such as beef stroganoff, macaroni and cheese, and chicken fried steak.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, and guests can relax in the comfortable chairs or tables while they enjoy their meal. Bill Miller’s restaurant food menu is diverse and mouth-watering.

From starters to main courses, there’s something for everyone on Bill Miller’s menu. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a quick snack, the food at Bill Miller’s is sure to satisfy your cravings.

In addition to delicious food, Bill Miller’s also offers an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. So why wait? Come check out Bill Miller’s restaurant food menu today!

Bill Miller’s Restaurant offers a variety of food that will tantalize your taste buds. From appetizers to main courses, there is something for everyone at this restaurant.

The menu has everything from seafood to chicken, so you can be sure that you’ll find something that appeals to your taste. Everything on the menu is cooked fresh and made with quality ingredients, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great meal.

With a variety of choices and mouth-watering flavors, Bill Miller’s Restaurant is a small, local business that serves some of the best food in town. The menu features items such as buffalo chicken dip, flatbreads, and salads.

Bill Miller’s Menu prices In 2023

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Foods Size Prices
Iced Tea (Small)> $0.89
Sweet or Unsweetened $0.99 – $3.20

Side Orders

Foods Size Prices
Pinto Beans $1.45 – $3.90
Potato Salad $1.45 – $3.90
Hash Browns $1.45 – $3.90
Cole Slaw $1.45 – $3.90
Spanish Rice $1.45 – $3.90
Green Beans $1.45 – $3.90
Mashed Potatoes $1.45 – $3.90
French Fries $1.45 – $5.30

From Our Pit

Foods Size Prices
Bar-B-Q Beef Brisket $12.45
Delicious Sausage Links $3.29
Bar-B-Q Chicken $11.45
1/2 Chicken $5.80
1/4 Chicken $3.90
1/2 Chicken, All White $6.50
1/4 Chicken, All White $4.60
Meaty Pork Spareribs $12.45
Ham $12.45
Turkey $12.45

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Bar-B-Q Family Order

Foods Size Prices
Bar-B-Q Family Order Small 1 Pound sliced Bar-B-Q Beef with 1 Pint each of: Potato salad, pinto beans & coleslaw. Pickles & onions and 1 loaf french bread $19.55
Bar-B-Q Family Order Large 11/2 Pounds of Bar-B-Q (mix or match) with 1 Quart each of: Potato salad, pinto beans & coleslaw. Pickles & onions and 2 loaves french bread $28.95

On The Lite Side

Foods Size Prices
Salad De Lite Choice of turkey, ham, fried chicken, tenders, or Bar-B-Q chicken. Select allwhite Bar-B-Q chicken add $0.70 $5.40
Garden Fresh Salad $3.60
Fruit Salad (Seasonal) $7.00
Vegetable Beef Soup $3.60 – $7.00
Baked Potato $2.40
Baked Potato Combo Choice of garden fresh salad, vegetable beef soup, or fruit salad $5.30
Chicken De Lite Select all white Bar-B-Q chicken add $0.70 $5.30 – $6.80
Soup & Salad $6.60

Fried Chicken

Foods Size Prices
3 Pc. Fried Chicken $5.00
3 Pc. Up To 2 Breasts $6.00
3 Pc. All breasts $6.50
4 Pc. Fried Chicken $6.30
4 Pc Up To Breasts $7.80
4 Pc. All Breasts $8.30
2 Pc. Fried Chicken $3.70
2 Pc. Up To 1 Breast $4.20
2 Pc. All Breasts $4.70
3 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders $5.60
4 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders $7.00
2 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders $4.20
1 Pc. Leg, Thigh or Wing $2.40
1 Pc. Breast $2.90

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Fried Chicken Family Orders

Foods Size Prices
10 Pc. Fried Chicken $17.00
15 Pc. Fried Chicken Our choice $25.50
10 Pc. Up To 3Breasts $17.50
15 Pc. Up To 5 Breasts $26.50
All White Meat Up yo 5 breasts $18.50 – $28.00
All Breasts $21.00 – $31.50

Bar – B – Q Pork Sparerib Plates

Foods Size Prices
The Rib Plate Pork spareribs &3 side orders $8.75
The Rib Plate with 1 Additional meat & 3 side orders $12.10
The Rib Plate with 2 Additional meat & 3 side orders $15.45

Bar – B – Q Plates

Foods Size Prices
Beef brisket, sausage, ham, chicken, turkey
Regular Plate Choice of 1 meat & 3 side orders $7.30
Rancher Plate Choice of 2 meat & 3 side orders $10.65
Rodeo Plate Choice of 3 meat & 3 side orders $14.00
Wrangler Plate Choice of 1 meat & 2 side orders $6.10

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Foods Size Prices
Poor Boy Beef, ham, sausage or turkey add 1/2 link $1.69 $4.19
Poor Boy Plus Extra meat plus a side order add 1/2 link $1.69 $5.59
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $2.90
Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich $2.99 – $4.69
Select White Meat $3.69 – $5.39
Chopped Bar-B-Q Sandwich $1.59 – $8.59

Combo Meals

Foods Size Prices
Poor Boy, French Fries & Large Tea $6.29
3 Pc. Fried Chicken French fries & large tea $5.80
Regular Plate & Large Tea Select all white meat add $0.70 $7.75
3 Pc. Fried Chicken Tenders French fries & large tea $6.30
Small Chicken Sandwich French fries & large tea. Select all white meat add $0.70 $5.09
Salad De-Lite & Large Tea Select all white bar-b-q chicken add $0.70 $6.20
2 Chopped BBQ Sandwiches French fries & large tea $5.19
Rancher Plate & Large Tea Select all white meat add $0.70 $11.10
Crispy Chicken Sandwich French fries & large tea $5.20
10 Pc. Fried Chicken 5 Jalapenos & bucket of tea $22.00
Small Family Two links of sausage & bucket of tea $26.00

From Our Bakery

Foods Size Prices
Meringue $1.59 – $6.49
Fruit $1.69 – $7.49
Pecan $1.99 – $9.49
Peach Cobbler $1.49 – $3.99
Fudge Brownise $1.90
Dozen Brownies $5.99
Bread Loaf of french or rye $0.69

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Bill Miller’s History

Bill Miller’s Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Bill Miller’s restaurant company history is one of success. Bill and Ila Faye Miller founded the company in San Antonio, Texas in 1953, and it has since become a household name.

The company’s recipe for success is its focus on quality food and customer service. Today, it is still owned and operated by the Miller family and offers traditional Southern cooking at its original location.

Bill Miller’s Restaurant is a staple in the Deerfield Beach community. The restaurant has been around since the early 1970s and has seen many changes over the years.

Bill Miller’s Restaurant is a historic eatery that has been in operation for over 50 years. The restaurant is known for its Southern-style cooking, and it offers a variety of dishes including fried chicken, catfish, and shrimp.

The menu is full of hearty dishes that will fill you up, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Bill Miller’s is a great place to go for a casual meal with friends or family, or to celebrate a special occasion.

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