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Welcome to Pluckers Restaurant, where you’ll find the best in Southern cuisine. Our cooks use only the finest ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting more.

From savory chicken and dumplings to sweet potato pie, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your craving for great food. So come on in and enjoy a delicious meal at our restaurant.

We promise you won’t be disappointed. If you love seafood, then Pluckers is the place for you! The menu features everything from lobster to shrimp and crab.

Not only can you order your food off of the menu, but they also have a variety of specials that change frequently. Whether you’re in the mood for oysters Rockefeller or calamari, Pluckers has it all!

The Pluckers Restaurant is a popular spot for locals and tourists to enjoy good food. The menu features traditional American cuisine with a bit of a Southern flair.

Items on the menu include burgers, chicken fingers, fish and chips, macaroni and cheese, and much more. There’s something for everyone on the menu, making it easy to find something to eat no matter what your taste preferences may be.

The restaurant is also known for its friendly staff and great atmosphere. If you’re looking for a delicious and hearty meal, Pluckers is definitely worth checking out.

Their menu has something for everyone, and the food always tastes amazing. The restaurant is laid back and inviting, making it a great spot to enjoy some good company or just relax and enjoy the food.

The prices are also very reasonable, so there’s really no reason not to give Pluckers a try! Explore Pluckers Menu Prices.

Other Restaurant Menus:

Pluckers Menu Prices In 2022


Foods Size Prices
Coke $1.99
Root Beer $1.99
Diet Coke $2.99
Coke Zero $1.99
Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea $1.99
Fresh Brewed Regular Tea $1.99
Sprite $1.99
Dr. Pepper $1.99
Fresh Brewed Lemonade $1.99
Fresh Brewed Strawberry Lemonade $3.49


Foods Size Prices
Fried Oreos $6.50
Fries Brownies $6.50
Fried Twinkies $6.50

The Sideline

Foods Size Prices
Homemade Potato Chips $3.00
Sweet Potato Fries $3.50
Waffle Fries Half $3.00
Waffle Fries Full $6.00
Buffalo Fries $3.85
Tater Tots $3.00
Macaroni & Cheese $3.50
Side Caesar Salad $5.00
Side Garden Salad $4.75
Side of Ranch $.60
Side of Housemade Bleu Cheese $.60


Foods Size Prices
The Bypass Burger $11.50
Boring Burger $11.00
Honey BBQ Burger $11.00
Impossible Burger $13.00
The Dirty Patty Melt $10.50


Foods Size Prices
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $11.00
Chicken Bypass Sandwich $11.00
Cheech & Chong $11.00
The Larry Bird $11.00
South Philly Cheesesteak $11.00
Mom’s Grilled Cheese $8.00
Chicken Cheesesteak $11.00
Sean’s BLT $10.00
Chicken Club $11.00
Veggie Sandwich $10.50


Foods Size Prices
Buffalo Chicken Salad $11.00
Grilled Chicken Garden Salad $11.00
Honey BBQ Chicken Chop $11.00
Traditional Chicken Caesar $11.00
Southwest Caesar $11.00
Caesar Salad $7.50
Bleu Cheese Chicken Cobb $11.00
Garden Salad $7.50

Wing Combos

Foods Size Prices
Wing Combo 5 Pieces $10.50
Wing Combo 10 Pieces $14.25
Wing Combo 15 Pieces $20.50
5 Wing & 3 Tender Combo $17.25
All Flappers Combo 5 Pieces $10.50
All Flappers Combo 10 Pieces $15.25
All Flappers Combo 15 Pieces $22.00
All Drums Combo 5 Pieces $10.50
All Drums Combo 10 Pieces $15.25
All Drums Combo 15 Pieces $22.00

Traditional Wings

Foods Size Prices
Wings 5 Pieces $7.25
Wings 10 Pieces $12.50
Wings 50 Pieces $62.50
Wings 100 Pieces $115.00
All Drums 5 Pieces $7.75
All Drums 10 Pieces $13.50
All Drums 50 Pieces $67.50
All Flappers 5 Pieces $7.75
All Flappers 10 Pieces $13.50
All Flappers 50 Pieces $67.50

Boneless Wings

Foods Size Prices
Boneless Wing Basket $14.55
Monster Boneless Wings Basket $18.00
Naked Boneless Wings Basket $12.50
Monster Naked Boneless Wings Basket $18.00
Buffalo Bites Entree $12.50
Boneless Wings 50 Pieces $95.00
Boneless Wings 100 Pieces $170.00


Foods Size Prices
Fried Pickles $5.35
Chips & Queso $7.00
Holy Macaroni $8.50
Stuffed Jalepeños $7.00
Appetizer Sampler $16.00
Magic Mushrooms $8.50
Buffalo Blues Appetizer $8.00
Plucker Nacho $9.00
Fried Cheese $8.50
Pluckers Totchos $10.50
Blue Cheese Potato Chips $8.50
Pluckers Frachos $10.50
Waffles ‘n Cheese Half $5.00
Waffles ‘n Cheese Full $8.50
Tater Chii Cheese Fries $8.50

Pluckers History

Pluckers Menu Prices History

In conclusion, Pluckers is a successful restaurant company that was founded in 1991 by Sean Greenberg, Mark Greenberg and David Paul. The company has since expanded to include numerous locations throughout the United States.

If you’re looking for a delicious meal and a great atmosphere, be sure to visit Pluckers! Pluckers Restaurant is a longstanding family-owned and operated seafood restaurant located in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

The restaurant has been in operation since 1957, and is one of the oldest continuously operating seafood restaurants in the United States. Today, Pluckers Restaurant offers guests a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, including crabs, shrimp, oysters, clams, trout, catfish and more.

The restaurant also features an extensive wine list and a full bar serving cocktails and beer. Pluckers is a restaurant with a long history. Originally opened in 1971, the restaurant has been through many changes over the years.

The current owners took over in 2006 and have since made many improvements to the restaurant. They have upgraded the kitchen, added more seating, and remodeled the dining area.

In addition to traditional American cuisine, Pluckers offers a variety of specialty dishes, including southern-style chicken and dumplings, seafood platter, and buffalo chicken wraps.

When people think of the best places to eat in the city, they often think of high-end and expensive establishments. But there are also some great places to get a good meal without breaking the bank.

One such place is Pluckers Restaurant. This restaurant is known for its affordable food and large portions. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy a good meal without having to spend a lot of money.

As you have already gone through the complete Pluckers Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices.
The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

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