Bruegger’s Bagels Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Are you tired of overpaying for mediocre bagels that just don’t hit the spot? Your search for the perfect combination of quality, taste, and affordability ends here!

We’ve analyzed the Bruegger’s Bagels menu prices to bring you the ultimate guide to savoring fresh, delicious bagels without breaking the bank. Our team of experts has scoured the menu, compared prices, and tasted every delectable option, so you can make informed decisions and experience the true essence of bagel bliss.

In a world where convenience and cost often trump flavor, Bruegger’s Bagels stands out as a rare gem, offering a delightful fusion of taste and value. Don’t let your taste buds suffer another moment of mediocrity – dive into our comprehensive article and discover how Bruegger’s Bagels can elevate your breakfast game and give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Prepare to be tantalized, and get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey that will change your perception of bagels forever!

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Bruegger’s Bagels Menu Prices In 2023

Sides & Desserts

Foods Prices
Chocolate Chip Cookie $ 2.99
Sea Salt Kettle Chips $ 1.99
Twice Baked Hashbrown $ 2.299
Blueberry Muffin $ 2.69

Coffee & Tea

Foods Prices Prices Prices
Small Medium Large
Iced Coffee $3.29 $3.99
Fresh Brewed Coffee $3.19 $3.59 $3.99
Hot Tea $3.29 $3.79

Juices & More

Foods Prices
Bottled Water $3.29
Bottled OJ $3.69

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Signature Lunch Sandwiches

Foods Prices
Turkey Chipotle $10.49
Herby Turkey $9.99
Western Brisket $10.99
Smoked Salmon $10.79
Leonardo Da Veggie $9.29
Hot Pastrami $10.29

Egg Sandwiches

Foods Prices
Egg, Peppered Bacon & Cheese $7.79
Farmhouse $8.79
Egg, Turkey Sausage & Cheese $7.79
Sriracha Honey Sunrise $8.29
Egg & Cheese $6.79
Western $8.49
Egg, Sausage, & Cheese $7.79
Smokehouse Brisket Egg $8.99
Skinny Zesty Egg White $7.99
Egg, Ham & Cheese $7.79
Skinny Bacon, Avocado, & Tomato Egg White $8.49
Pastrami, Egg & Swiss $7.99

Fresh-Baked Bagels

Foods Prices
Single Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.49
Single Bagel without Cream Cheese $2.49
Bagels (3) $6.49
Half Dozen $9.99
Baker’s Dozen $15.79
Bagel Bundle $13.49
Big Bagel Bundle $21.99
Cream Cheese Tubs $5.49
Brunch Box $44.99

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Bruegger’s Bagels History

Bruegger's Bagels Menu Prices & History

Imagine, it’s 1983 in Troy, New York, and Nordahl Brue is about to revolutionize the world of bagels. Brue, a visionary entrepreneur, decided to share his passion for authentic, New York-style bagels with the rest of the country.

Thus, Bruegger’s Bagels was born. What started as a single store in upstate New York soon transformed into a nationwide phenomenon, with the company’s headquarters now located in Burlington, Vermont.

Over the years, Bruegger’s Bagels has expanded exponentially, boasting a total of 190 locations across the United States. Their commitment to providing a high-quality, fast-casual bakery-café experience has attracted a loyal customer base that appreciates the wide variety of options available.

From a seemingly endless assortment of bagels and muffins to hot and cold sandwiches and invigorating coffee, Bruegger’s has something for everyone.

With over 3,374 dedicated full-time and part-time employees, Bruegger’s Bagels ensures that you, the customer, are always greeted with a friendly smile and exceptional service.

The company’s success can be attributed to the unique combination of traditional New York-style bagel-making techniques with innovative flavors and menu offerings, catering to the diverse tastes of its patrons.

One thing that sets Bruegger’s apart from other bakery-cafés is its commitment to freshness. They use only the finest ingredients, and each bagel is kettle-boiled and stone-hearth-baked to perfection. This process results in a dense, chewy interior and a crispy exterior, a texture that bagel connoisseurs cherish.

Over the past four decades, Bruegger’s Bagels has managed to preserve the essence of its founding principles while keeping up with modern trends. As a result, they continue to be a beloved destination for bagel lovers seeking the perfect marriage of flavor, quality, and affordability.

So, next time you’re craving a delicious, authentic bagel experience, look no further than Bruegger’s Bagels. Allow us to guide you through their enticing menu, sharing our expert knowledge on the best deals and delectable options.

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the rich history and scrumptious flavors that Bruegger’s Bagels has to offer. Enjoy the unique taste and unmatched quality that has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions, all thanks to Nordahl Brue’s dedication to bringing the New York bagel tradition to the masses.

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FAQs On Bruegger’s Bagels Restaurant

1. What is the price range for Bruegger’s Bagels menu items?

Bruegger’s Bagels offers a variety of menu items at affordable prices. Expect to spend anywhere from $1 for a single bagel to around $10 for a more substantial meal, such as a sandwich with a side and a beverage. Keep in mind that prices may vary by location.

2. How does Bruegger’s Bagels maintain its authentic New York-style flavor?

Bruegger’s Bagels uses traditional New York-style bagel-making techniques, including kettle-boiling and stone-hearth baking, to create bagels with a dense, chewy interior and a crispy exterior. They also use high-quality ingredients to ensure the best possible flavor.

3. Are there any special deals or promotions available at Bruegger’s Bagels?

Yes, Bruegger’s Bagels often offers special deals and promotions, such as their popular Baker’s Dozen, which includes 13 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese at a discounted price. To stay updated on the latest offers, sign up for their email newsletter or follow them on social media.

4. Does Bruegger’s Bagels offer any gluten-free options?

While Bruegger’s Bagels doesn’t offer gluten-free bagels, they do have other gluten-free menu items, such as salads and certain sandwiches with gluten-free bread. Always inform the staff of your dietary restrictions, as cross-contamination may occur.

5. Can I customize my order at Bruegger’s Bagels?

Absolutely! Bruegger’s Bagels encourages customers to create their perfect bagel experience by offering various bagel flavors, cream cheese, and sandwich ingredients. Feel free to mix and match to suit your taste preferences.

6. What are the most popular bagel flavors at Bruegger’s Bagels?

Some of the most popular bagel flavors at Bruegger’s Bagels include Plain, Sesame, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, and Asiago Parmesan. However, they offer a wide variety of flavors to cater to different tastes, so don’t hesitate to try something new.

7. Are there any vegan options at Bruegger’s Bagels?

Yes, Bruegger’s Bagels offers several vegan-friendly bagel flavors, such as Plain, Blueberry, and Pumpernickel. Additionally, they have hummus and fresh vegetables available as sandwich fillings. Always check with your local Bruegger’s for the most up-to-date vegan options.

8. Can I order Bruegger’s Bagels for catering?

Yes, Bruegger’s Bagels offers catering services, including bagel and sandwich platters, boxed lunches, and coffee service. Visit their website or contact your local Bruegger’s for more information on catering options and pricing.

9. Does Bruegger’s Bagels offer any nutritional information for their menu items?

Bruegger’s Bagels provides nutritional information for their menu items on their website. You can find details on calories, fat, sodium, and other nutritional facts to help you make informed decisions about your meal choices.

10. Is Bruegger’s Bagels a franchise, and can I open my own location?

Yes, Bruegger’s Bagels is a franchise system. If you’re interested in opening your own location, visit their website for more information on franchising opportunities, requirements, and support offered by the company.

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Final Words

Bruegger’s Bagels offers a delightful blend of authentic New York-style bagels, diverse menu options, and affordable prices that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

By staying true to its founding principles and embracing modern trends, Bruegger’s Bagels has carved out a unique place in the fast-casual bakery-café market.

As we’ve explored the history, menu offerings, and frequently asked questions about Bruegger’s Bagels, it’s clear that their commitment to quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their success.

With options to suit everyone from the bagel purist to the adventurous foodie, Bruegger’s Bagels ensures a memorable and satisfying dining experience.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of Bruegger’s Bagels, we hope our expert insights have helped you better understand and appreciate the value and deliciousness this iconic establishment has to offer.

So, next time you’re craving a tasty treat, remember that Bruegger’s Bagels is the ultimate destination for a mouthwatering, wallet-friendly, and heartwarming meal.

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