Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

Are you craving a scoop of heaven, but feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing list of ice cream choices out there? Fear not, fellow ice cream enthusiasts!

Our team of dessert connoisseurs has delved into the frosty world of Bruster’s Ice Cream, meticulously dissecting their menu to bring you the ultimate guide.

We understand how vital it is to make informed decisions when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth, and our experts will leave no stone (or scoop) unturned.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding Bruster’s menu, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. Uncover the hidden gems and scrumptious surprises that await you at this beloved ice cream parlor.

So grab a spoon and join us on this delectable journey, where we’ll explore flavor combinations, seasonal offerings, and money-saving tips that will make your next Bruster’s visit an unforgettable experience.

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Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu Prices In 2023

Kid’s Sundaes

Foods Prices
Dino Sundae $3.99
Dirt Sundae $3.99

Specialty Items

Foods Prices
Dino Cookie $2.29

Side Toppings

Foods Prices
1/3 CUP Cookie Dough Pieces $1.15
1/3 CUP Oreos $1.15
1/3 CUP Butterfinger $1.15
1/3 CUP M & M’s $1.15
1/3 CUP Reece’s Pieces $1.15
1/3 CUP Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups $1.15
1/3 CUP Nestle’s Crunch $1.15
1/3 CUP Pop Rocks $1.15
1/3 CUP Snickers $1.15
1/3 CUP Brownie Bites $1.15
1/3 CUP Heath $1.15
1/3 CUP Pecans $1.15

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Shakes, Blasts, and Freezes

Foods Prices
Small Shake $5.09
Regular Shake $6.29
Large Shake $7.39
Small Blast $5.69
Regular Blast $6.79
Large Blast $4.59

Waffle Bowls

Foods Prices
Small Waffle Bowl $4.89
Regular Waffle Bowl $5.89

Ice Cream Cone

Foods Prices
Small Waffle Cone $4.89
Regular Waffle Cone $5.89
Large Waffle Cone $6.99
Small Cake Cone $4.19
Regular Cake Cone $5.19
Large Cake Cone $6.29
Small Sugar Cone $4.19
Regular Sugar Cone $5.19
Large Sugar Cone $6.29

Cup of Ice Cream

Foods Prices
Small Cup of Ice Cream $4.89
Regular Cup of Ice Cream $5.19
Large Cup of Ice Cream $6.29

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Bruster’s Ice Cream History

Bruster's Ice Cream Menu Prices & History

At Bruster’s Ice Cream, the mouthwatering scoops of frozen delight you indulge in are backed by a rich history. The story of this exceptional ice cream restaurant began in 1989 when founder Bruce Reed, a man with a passion for crafting premium ice cream, set up shop in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania.

What started as a small-town parlor has now blossomed into a thriving business, boasting 168 locations across the United States. You might wonder, what sets Bruster’s apart from other ice cream shops?

The answer lies in the commitment to providing customers with an unforgettable experience. We are talking about a vast array of products, including not only ice cream but also milkshakes, sundaes, hot dogs, soft drinks, frozen custard, cakes, and their famous waffle cones.

This diverse offering caters to every taste bud, ensuring that you’ll find something you love. Over the years, Bruster’s has maintained a strong workforce of 2,125 dedicated employees.

These skilled artisans take pride in their craft, going the extra mile to create the finest frozen treats. It’s no surprise that Bruster’s has become a household name, synonymous with quality and exceptional taste.

At the heart of Bruster’s Ice Cream lies an unwavering dedication to freshness. They adhere to a strict “made-from-scratch” approach, using only the finest ingredients to create their delectable desserts.

This commitment to quality not only guarantees you a tasty treat but also keeps you coming back for more. What truly makes Bruster’s Ice Cream stand out is its attention to detail.

They understand that the perfect scoop goes beyond just the taste, and so they create an inviting atmosphere at each location. When you walk into a Bruster’s parlor, you’re not just stepping into an ice cream shop; you’re entering a world where your sweet dreams come true.

The story of Bruster’s Ice Cream is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. As you enjoy a scoop of their heavenly ice cream or take a bite of their scrumptious waffle cone, remember that you’re not just savoring a delicious dessert; you’re also partaking in a rich legacy that spans over three decades.

So, the next time you’re craving a frozen treat, remember that Bruster’s is more than just an ice cream parlor; it’s a cherished American tradition.

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FAQs On Bruster’s Ice Cream Restaurant

1.How much does a scoop of ice cream cost at Bruster’s?

Prices may vary slightly by location, but on average, a single scoop of ice cream at Bruster’s costs around $3.50 to $4.50. This price includes a choice of a cup or a regular cone.

2. What are the most popular flavors at Bruster’s Ice Cream?

Bruster’s offers a wide variety of flavors, but some of the most popular ones include Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Graham Central Station. Their menu also features seasonal favorites, so there’s always something new to try!

3. Are there dairy-free options available at Bruster’s Ice Cream?

Yes, Bruster’s Ice Cream offers dairy-free options, including sorbets and Italian ices, to cater to those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

4. Does Bruster’s Ice Cream offer any discounts or specials?

Bruster’s frequently offers seasonal promotions, discounts, and special offers. You can stay updated on these deals by following their social media accounts or visiting their website.

5. Can I order a custom ice cream cake from Bruster’s?

Absolutely! Bruster’s offers customizable ice cream cakes for special occasions. You can choose your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins to create the perfect cake for your celebration.

6. Are there any sugar-free options at Bruster’s Ice Cream?

Yes, Bruster’s offers sugar-free ice cream options for customers who are looking for a healthier or low-sugar alternative.

7. Can I purchase Bruster’s Ice Cream gift cards?

Yes, Bruster’s offers gift cards that can be purchased at any of their locations. They make a great gift for any ice cream lover.

8. Does Bruster’s Ice Cream offer catering services?

Bruster’s Ice Cream provides catering services for events such as birthday parties, corporate events, and other celebrations. Contact your local Bruster’s for more information about their catering options.

9. Are Bruster’s waffle cones made in-house?

Yes, Bruster’s takes pride in making their waffle cones fresh in-house daily, providing you with a delicious and crunchy complement to your ice cream.

10. How often does Bruster’s Ice Cream introduce new flavors?

Bruster’s regularly introduces new and seasonal flavors, ensuring that there’s always something exciting to try. Keep an eye on their website or social media accounts to stay informed about the latest additions to their menu.

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Final Words

Bruster’s Ice Cream has built a reputation for crafting delicious, high-quality ice cream and offering a wide variety of menu items to satisfy every craving.

As our expert team has explored Bruster’s menu prices, it’s clear that their commitment to providing a delightful experience for every customer is reflected in their diverse offerings and reasonable prices.

From its rich history to its dedication to freshness, Bruster’s Ice Cream continues to be a favorite destination for ice cream lovers nationwide.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Bruster fan or planning your first visit, we hope that our comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights and useful tips to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

And remember, as you savor each spoonful of Bruster’s Ice Cream, you’re not only indulging in a scrumptious treat but also participating in an American tradition that has been delighting taste buds for over three decades. Happy scooping!

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