Godfather’s Pizza Menu Prices (Updated: July 2023)

The wallet weeps but the belly begs – the constant tug-of-war every foodie knows too well. What if you could enjoy the rich, sumptuous delights of a Godfather’s Pizza without worrying about your budget?

We have just the antidote to your dilemma – a comprehensive breakdown of Godfather’s Pizza Menu Prices. Satiating your pizza cravings doesn’t have to be a splurge.

How? Our in-depth research and analysis aim to make your pizza feasts lighter on the pocket, without skimping on quality or taste. Embark on this epicurean journey with us as we unravel value deals and money-saving secrets.

Imagine this: biting into your favorite cheesy slice, with a side order of satisfaction. That’s the power of smart, informed choices. We’re the missing piece in your pizza puzzle, so dive right in!

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Godfather’s Pizza Menu Prices In 2023

Super Specialty Pies

Foods Prices
Super Combo $17.37
Super Combo Specialty Pie $16.09
Super Taco $16.17
Super Taco Specialty Pie $16.09
Super Hawaiian $18.87
The Don Specialty Pie $16.99
The Don Super Specialty Pie $15.99
The Don $15.49

Create Your Own Pizza

Foods Prices
Create Your Own Pizza $11.99
Mini Cheese Pizza $4.51
Small Cheese Pizza $11.18

Chicken Super Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
Chicken Artichoke $10.49
Western Chicken BBQ $10.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Jumbo) $34.92
Chicken Bacon Ranch (Large) $28.26

Menu Coupons

Foods Prices
Value Deal #2 – Medium Specialty $18.99
Value Deal #2 – Large Pizza $18.99
Value Deal #3 – Large Specialty $25.99
Value Deal #3 – Small Specialty Pizza $25.99
Value Deal #3 – Small Pizza $25.99
Value Deal #4 – Medium Specialty Pizza $29.99
Value Deal #4 – Medium Pizza $29.99
Value Deal #4 – Jumbo Pizza $29.99
Value Deal #5 – Mini Pizza $7.99

Toasted Sandwiches

Foods Prices
With chips and a pickle (add 245 cal.).
Ham & Cheese $7.10
Spicy Sausage $6.87
Italian Supreme $6.37
Stromboli $7.74

Certified Gluten-Free Pizzas

Foods Prices
Pre-packaged to bake at home.
Create Your Own $12.32
Pepperoni $13.02
Cheese $12.41

Specialty Pizzas

Foods Prices
All-Meat Combo Pizza $15.35
All-Meat Combo (Jumbo) $34.92
Classic Combo (Large) $28.26
Classic Combo (Medium) $23.16
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $15.35
All-Meat Combo (Large) $26.69
Classic Combo (Jumbo) $34.92
Taco Pie (Medium) $21.87
Classic Combo Pizza $15.35
Humble Pie Pizza $16.49
Humble Pie (Jumbo) $32.69
Taco Pie (Large) $26.69
Veggie Pie Pizza $16.49
Humble Pie (Large) $26.69
Taco Pie (Jumbo) $32.69
Taco Pie Pizza $16.49
Hot Stuff Pizza $15.35
Humble Pie (Medium) $21.87
Bacon Cheeseburger (Large) $28.26
Hot Stuff (Jumbo) $34.92
Nacho Pizza $9.49
Bacon Cheeseburger (Medium) $23.16
Hot Stuff (Large) $28.26
Hot Stuff (Medium) $23.16
Mediterranean Veggie $12.13
Medium Super Combo Pizza $20.66

Top Menu Items

Foods Prices
Value Deal #1 – Medium Pizza $14.99
All-Meat Combo Pie $8.36

Picked For You

Foods Prices
Large Create Your Own Pizza $18.16
Medium Create Your Own Pizza $15.04

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Create Your Own

Foods Prices
Individual Cheese Pizza $6.09
Large 2 Topping Pizza $19.25
Mini Create Your Own Pizza $5.88
Medium Cheese Pizza $12.99
Large Cheese Pizza $15.84
Small Create Your Own Pizza $12.03
Jumbo Cheese Pizza $20.58
Jumbo Create Your Own Pizza $22.97
Individual 1 Topping Pizza $7.94
Mini Pizza $5.79
Small 1 Topping Pizza $11.96
Medium 1 Topping Pizza $15.25
Large 1 Topping Pizza $17.50
Jumbo 1 Topping Pizza $22.13
Medium 2 Topping Pizza $17.32
Jumbo 2 Topping Pizza $26.32


Foods Prices
Jalapeno Poppers $6.49
Mozzarella Sticks $6.19
Garlic Sticks $4.49
Garlic Sticks with Cheese $5.99

The Original Value Deals

Foods Prices
Value Deal No. 5 $9.32
Value Deal No. 1 $16.66
Family Feast $37.99
The Lil’ Gangster $7.36

Specialty Pizza

Foods Prices
Buffalo Chicken Specialty Pie $6.99
Pesto Chicken Artichoke Specialty Pie $18.99
Baja Taco Specialty Pie $18.99

Popular Items

Foods Prices
Cherry – Dessert Pizza $6.32


Foods Prices
Big Chocolate Chip Cookies $7.87
Caramel Monkey Bread $7.66
Cinnamon Monkey Bread $6.78
Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.99
Cinnamon Streusel $8.00


Foods Prices
Classic Combo Calzone $11.92
Lottsa Mozza $9.32
Bacon Cheeseburger Calzone $9.79
Bacon Cheeseburger Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
Lottsa Mozza Calzone $9.49
Lottsa Mozza Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
All-Meat Combo Calzone $11.07
Pepperoni Calzone $11.26
Pepperoni Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
All-Meat Combo Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99
Classic Combo Calzone with a Side Garden Salad $11.99

Specialty Pies

Foods Prices
All-Meat Combo Individual Pizza $8.74
All-Meat Combo Specialty Pie $6.94
Classic Combo Pie $8.37
Super Taco Large Pizza $24.99
All-Meat Combo Medium Pizza $19.77
All-Meat Combo $8.97
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.57
Bacon Cheeseburger Specialty Pie $6.94
Taco Pie $9.06
Taco Individual Pizza $8.74
All-Meat Combo Large Pizza $23.93
Baja Taco $15.49
Classic Combo $8.97
Classic Combo Specialty Pie $7.34
All-Meat Combo Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Hawaiian $7.38
Hot Stuff $8.15
Hot Stuff Specialty Pie $6.94
Taco Medium Pizza $20.17
Hot Stuff Pie $8.37
Humble Pie Individual Pizza $8.74
Humble Pie Specialty Pie $5.66
Humble Specialty Pie $7.21
Bacon Cheeseburger Pie $9.49
Humble Pie $9.56
Humble Pie Medium Pizza $19.93
Taco Specialty Pie $6.94
Super Taco Jumbo Pizza $28.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pie $5.49
Humble Pie Large Pizza $23.93
Veggie Specialty Pie $6.94
BBQ Chicken Pie $9.32
Buffalo Chicken Pie $5.49
Hawaiian Specialty Pie $6.74
Humble Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Veggie Pie $8.50
Sicilian Veggie Specialty Pie $15.06
Bacon Cheeseburger Individual Pizza $8.74
BBQ Chicken Specialty Pie $6.70
BBQ Chicken $7.05
Chicken Sausage Italiano Large Pizza $23.99
Bacon Cheeseburger Medium Pizza $19.77
Chicken Bacon Ranch Specialty Pie $6.70
Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.23
Bacon Cheeseburger Large Pizza $23.61
Buffalo Chicken $7.50
Bacon Cheeseburger Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Chicken Royale Specialty Pie $5.99
Chicken Royale $8.13
Buffalo Chicken Individual Pizza $8.74
Sicilian Veggie $12.54
Buffalo Chicken Medium Pizza $19.93
Pesto Chicken & Spinach $10.61
Buffalo Chicken Large Pizza $23.93
Pesto Chicken Artichoke $16.79
Buffalo Chicken Jumbo Pizza $28.35
Chicken Bacon Ranch Individual Pizza $8.74
Chicken Bacon Ranch Medium Pizza $19.93
Chicken Bacon Ranch Large Pizza $24.17
Chicken Bacon Ranch Jumbo Pizza $28.35
Chicken Sausage Italiano Medium Pizza $20.17
Chicken Sausage Italiano Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Classic Combo Individual Pizza $8.74
Classic Combo Medium Pizza $19.61
Super Taco Medium Pizza $20.99
Classic Combo Large Pizza $23.61
Classic Combo Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Hawaiian Pizza Individual Pizza $8.74
Hawaiian Pizza Medium Pizza $20.11
Hawaiian Pizza Large Pizza $24.11
Hawaiian Pizza Jumbo Pizza $28.46
Hot Stuff Individual Pizza $8.74
Hot Stuff Medium Pizza $19.93
Hot Stuff Large Pizza $23.61
Hot Stuff Jumbo Pizza $27.96
Steak and Roasted Red Peppers Medium Pizza $20.22
Steak and Roasted Red Peppers Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Super Combo Large Pizza $24.99
Super Combo Jumbo Pizza $28.99
Taco Large Pizza $24.17
Chicken Sausage Italiano Individual Pizza $7.99
Taco Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Tex-Mex with Beef Individual Pizza $8.74
Steak and Roasted Red Peppers Individual Pizza $7.99
Tex-Mex with Beef Medium Pizza $20.22
Tex-Mex with Beef Large Pizza $24.17
Tex-Mex with Beef Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Tex-Mex with Chicken Individual Pizza $8.74
Tex-Mex with Chicken Medium Pizza $20.17
Tex-Mex with Chicken Large Pizza $24.17
Tex-Mex with Chicken Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Wild, Wild West BBQ Individual Pizza $8.74
Wild, Wild West BBQ Medium Pizza $20.17
Wild, Wild West BBQ Large Pizza $24.17
Wild, Wild West BBQ Jumbo Pizza $28.69
Veggie Individual Pizza $8.74
Veggie Medium Pizza $20.22
Veggie Large Pizza $24.17
Veggie Jumbo Pizza $28.69

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Foods Prices
Cinnamon Streusel (Dessert) $6.19


Foods Prices
8 Piece Cheesesticks $6.99
Breadsticks $5.79
Kid’s Meal $4.76
Pepperoni Roll $3.92
8 Piece Breadsticks $5.99
Boneless Wings $11.52
Garlic Bread $5.62
Mini Cheesesticks $4.49
Cheesesticks $6.58
8 Piece Cheesesticks with Bacon and Cheddar $7.99
Cheese Bread $7.79
Chicken Wings $4.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese $6.27
Supersticks $5.85
4 Piece Garlic Bread $5.18
Cheese Sticks $7.99
Cheesesticks with bacon & cheddar $9.79
Cheesy Garlic Bread $4.99
Italian Monkey Bread $6.96
Pepperoni Rolls $2.59
4 Piece Garlic Bread and Cheese $6.99
Steak Fries $6.65
Garlic Cheese Bread $5.64
Potato Wedges $5.99
Medium Cheesesticks $8.66
16 oz. Potato Wedges $5.99
Monkey Bread $6.77
Cinnamon – Dessert Pizza $6.32
Dessert Streusel $7.49
Big Chocolate Chip Cookie $7.08
Dessert Pizza $6.53
Lottsa Mozzarella Calzone $6.99
6 Slices of Big Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.99
Calzones $6.16
6 Slices of Dessert Streusel $6.99
Apple – Dessert Pizza $6.32
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies $5.99
Dozen Chocolate Chips $5.99
Extra Dipping Sauce $0.83
Extra Dressing $0.67


Foods Prices
Lotza Mozza Calzone $16.19
Bone In Wings $11.09
Calzone $11.66

Bread Sides

Foods Prices
Super Sticks $5.49


Foods Prices
All You Can Eat Salad Bar $6.49
Family Salad $40.49
To Go Salad $5.99
Delivery Salad $5.37
Garden Salad $6.28


Foods Prices
2-Liter Diet Coke $3.06
2 Liter Soda $3.14
Drink $2.19
Soda $3.76
12 oz. Kid’s Cup $1.19
2 Liter $3.19
2-Liter Sprite $3.06
Bottled Water $1.42
2-Liters $3.19
Milk $1.48
Coffee $1.50
2-Liter Coke $2.67


Foods Prices
Marinara Sauce $0.75
Sour Cream $0.79
Ranch Dressing $0.75
Buffalo Sauce $0.75
BBQ Sauce $0.75
Extra Taco Packet $0.05

Crate Your Own

Foods Prices
Cheese Pizza $12.49
Original Crust Cheese Pizza $10.99
Original Crust Mini Cheese Pizza $4.99
Original Crust Mini Cheese Pizza Up to 2 Toppings $5.99
1-Topping Pizza $11.21
Golden Crust Cheese Pizza $10.99

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Specialty Pies – Jumbo

Foods Prices
Hawaiian – Jumbo $34.92
BBQ Chicken – Jumbo $34.92
Veggie – Jumbo $34.92
Buffalo Chicken – Jumbo $34.92
Bacon Cheeseburger – Jumbo $34.92

Gluten Free Pizzas

Foods Prices
Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza $13.89

Other Good Stuff

Foods Prices
Extra Marinara Sauce $0.69
M & M Dessert Streusel $4.99
Banana Dessert Streusel $4.99
Apple Dessert Streusel $5.24
Boneless Wings with Dip $6.99

Specialty Pies – Large

Foods Prices
Hawaiian – Large $28.26
Veggie – Large $28.26
BBQ Chicken – Large $28.26
Buffalo Chicken – Large $28.26

Specialty Pies-Medium

Foods Prices
All Meat Combo – Medium $23.16
Hawaiian – Medium $23.16
Buffalo Chicken – Medium $23.16
Veggie – Medium $23.16
BBQ Chicken – Medium $23.16

Chicken Super Specialty Pizza

Foods Prices
Chicken Bacon Ranch Super Specialty Pie $9.12
Chicken Royale Super Specialty Pie $9.12
Western Chicken BBQ Super Specialty Pie $9.50
Chicken Artichoke Super Specialty Pie $9.50

Fresh Salads

Foods Prices
Side Salad $4.31

Specialty Pies – Small

Foods Prices
Classic Combo – Small $19.64
Taco Pie – Small $18.10
Hawaiian – Small $19.64
All Meat Combo – Small $19.64
Veggie – Small $19.64
Humble Pie – Small $18.10
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Small $19.64
Hot Stuff – Small $19.64
BBQ Chicken – Small $19.64
Buffalo Chicken – Small $19.64
Bacon Cheeseburger – Small $19.64

Gluten-Free Pizza

Foods Prices
Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza $12.67

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Godfather’s Pizza History

Godfather’s Pizza Menu Prices History

Godfather’s Pizza – a name synonymous with flavor, value, and trust, has its roots firmly planted in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The inception story dates back to 1973 when an ambitious and visionary entrepreneur named William Theisen had a unique idea – he envisioned a pizza place that was more than just a restaurant. This was the birth of Godfather’s Pizza.

Theisen, with his passion for Italian cuisine and an innovative spirit, decided to redefine the American pizza experience. He merged classic pizza preparation methods with the need for a quick, convenient, yet delicious meal.

This fusion resulted in a pizza restaurant that quickly grew in popularity among food lovers. Since its inception, the mission has been to deliver pizza that makes people fall in love with every bite.

Each ingredient, every slice, and every box was meant to bring joy to its consumers, and it did so, spectacularly. This is why, from one single restaurant in Omaha, Godfather’s Pizza expanded rapidly.

As of today, the restaurant chain has flourished, spreading its delightful aura to 445 locations across the United States. Each location carries the same legacy of Theisen’s initial dream.

The growth trajectory didn’t come without challenges, but with each hurdle, the Godfather’s Pizza family became stronger, its bond with its customers deeper.

Every time you step into a Godfather’s Pizza restaurant, you’re not just walking into an eatery. You’re entering a space where history, culture, and exceptional culinary craftsmanship converge to create a dining experience that’s genuinely unique.

When we mention ‘Godfather’s Pizza’, we’re not just discussing a pizza chain; we’re talking about a legacy, an enduring part of American food culture. A place that has made countless memories over the years, through shared smiles, laughter, and of course, some of the best pizza you’ll ever taste.

That’s the enduring charm and unwavering commitment of Godfather’s Pizza – a testament to its founder’s vision and the love of its loyal patrons.

FAQs On Godfather’s Pizza Restaurant

1. What are the prices of pizzas on Godfather’s Pizza menu?

The prices at Godfather’s Pizza can vary based on location and the type of pizza. You’ll typically find that a small pizza starts around $10, with larger, specialty pizzas going up to $25 or more.

2. Does Godfather’s Pizza offer any special deals or discounts?

Yes, Godfather’s Pizza often runs special offers and discounts. These may vary by location and time, so it’s best to check their official website or contact your local restaurant for the most accurate information.

3. Is there a separate menu for dietary restrictions at Godfather’s Pizza?

Godfather’s Pizza does offer options for those with dietary restrictions. Gluten-free crusts are available, and there are plenty of toppings for vegetarians. However, it’s always wise to inform the restaurant of any allergies or dietary restrictions when ordering.

4. Are the menu prices at Godfather’s Pizza comparable to other pizza chains?

The prices at Godfather’s Pizza are competitive with other popular pizza chains. You’ll find that their range of prices accommodates a variety of budgets, without compromising on quality or taste.

5. Does Godfather’s Pizza have a kids’ menu?

Yes, Godfather’s Pizza offers a kids’ menu. Options and prices can vary, so be sure to check their official website or inquire at your local restaurant for specifics.

6. Can I customize my pizza at Godfather’s Pizza?

Absolutely! Godfather’s Pizza allows you to customize your pizza with a variety of toppings. Note that additional charges may apply for extra toppings.

7. What are the most popular items on Godfather’s Pizza’s menu?

Some of the most loved items include their Classic Combo Pizza and the All-Meat Combo. Their dessert pizzas, particularly the Apple Pie Pizza, are also a big hit.

8. Does Godfather’s Pizza offer any vegan options?

While they offer plenty of vegetarian toppings, as of now, Godfather’s Pizza does not have vegan cheese or vegan meat substitutes. Always double-check with your local restaurant for any recent additions or changes.

9. How much should I expect to pay for a meal for two at Godfather’s Pizza?

A meal for two, including pizzas and drinks, typically falls between $20-$30, depending on your choice of pizzas and extras.

10. Are the prices the same for dine-in, carryout, and delivery at Godfather’s Pizza?

Typically, the menu prices are the same regardless of dining option. However, delivery orders may include additional charges such as delivery fees or service charges. Always confirm during the ordering process.

Final Words

Navigating the maze of Godfather’s Pizza menu prices is now as easy as pie. Understanding the value behind each bite helps create a dining experience that’s as gratifying to your wallet as it is to your taste buds.

With a solid grip on pricing and options, you can make choices that enhance your pizza-eating endeavors rather than straining your budget. Godfather’s Pizza isn’t just about a price tag – it’s about indulging in a slice of American culinary heritage, respecting the innovative spirit of William Theisen, and cherishing shared moments over meals.

It’s about appreciating that every dollar spent brings value, taste, and a sense of community to your table. So, the next time you crave the mouth-watering taste of Godfather’s Pizza, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

And remember, armed with the right knowledge, you’re not merely ordering pizza; you’re investing in a satisfying, value-packed, flavor-rich experience.

We trust you’ll leverage these insights to savor every single slice – and every single cent spent. So here’s to more delicious adventures with Godfather’s Pizza!

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